Our Story

A thought becomes creation

The idea of ​​the Wackaro® horse care device was born in Zoltán Varró’s head when he wanted to get rid of long winter hair of his dearest horse, the then 30-year-old Dáma, in the spring of 2019, at the beginning of shedding. The idea was soon followed by deeds and the basic concept, name and form of the device were born.


Thanks to his grandfather, Zoltán came close to the wonderful world of horses at an early age, and his love and affection towards horses have accompanied him throughout his life. He graduated as a livestock engineer, and worked in close proximity with horses, and later completed several equestrian-themed trainings. He is still an active horse keeper.

For centuries, only wads made of straw were used to clean horses. Although the tools used by our ancestors for horse care have evolved a lot over time, there are only manual tools currently available to perform daily tasks. In the past, grooming had an additional yet equally beneficial effect than cleaning, as it moved and relaxed the horses' muscles after the daily work. Horses nowadays, mostly kept for sports or hobbies, often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, stretches and lesions. In their case, the binding of the muscles significantly affects the quality of their work. The beneficial effect of massage has been proven countless times, but massaging these large animals by hand is also a significant physical load for humans. The WACKARO® electric massage and care device was therefore created to make these tasks easier for horsekeepers.