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Wackaro® is the world's
 electric horse care device. It
is the product of more than two years of development and testing, during which we focused on maintaining a harmonious relationship between the horse and the horseman during the care.
We have created a uniquely special product that enables the daily cleaning of horses and the careful relaxation of their muscles in one device.


During the design process of the WACKARO® device, we focused on making an ergonomichandle-freepalm fitting and
stable housing that contains a multi-directional and multi-speed motor.

The device guarantees up to 5 hours of standard operation time, thanks to a strong battery. The device can be used in 3 levels (unidirectional movement in two levels, alternating direction in one level).

Interchangeable adapters

The 3 adapters provide an opportunity to connect with your horse on a whole new level.
The Hair remover helps to get rid of all devitalized hair, while the Mud scraper cleans your beloved one after a beautiful
riding day. The Massage head was made according to vets’ guidelines, therefore it guarantees that your horses get expert care.

Massage Function

During the development of the Wackaro® massage adapter, we were guided by the priority of the health of the horses.
The device significantly improves the flexibility of the horse and their blood circulationmuscle health, quality of joints and vertebrae.
Because of these health benefits it is recommended to massage your horse's neckshoulders
back and thighs.

Care Functions

Wackaro® makes daily horse care significantly easier. With little physical effort, cleaning tasks can be performed easily and more efficiently, even in situations where the horse's whole body is covered with hardened mud or during hair change and shedding. In addition, due to the size, shape, and design of the device, the beneficial, close connection provided by manual devices can be maintained.

Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black
Wackaro® Classic Black

Wackaro® Classic Black

Electric horse massage & care device
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The WACKARO® device is made in small series production, each piece is tested several times by us.

The device is protected by domestic and international trademark protection, design protection and utility model protection, its innovative novelty was also recognized by the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation in its expert opinion in December 2019.

About the creation

The idea of the Wackaro® horse care device was born in our founder Zoltán Varró's head when he wanted to get rid of long winter hair of his dearest horse, the then 30-year-old Dáma, in the spring of 2019. If you want to find out more check..

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