Individualized Rehabilitation

Individualized Rehabilitation

Dr. Katalin Tornyi graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szent István University in 2007. She is constantly training in Hungary and Germany, and her main interests include equine balance dental correction, as well as manual therapies and comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation.

We met Katalin in 2016, when one of our horses, Sixtus was struggling with kissing spine and traditional medications no longer resulted in lasting improvement. Katalin put together an individualized training plan for the horse, including rubber band training and physiotherapy. Thanks to the alternative therapy, with persistent work, there has been such an improvement in the condition of Sixtus that he’s more skillful and permissive at the age of 17 than ever before.

We learned a lot from Katalin, experienced the effectiveness of targeted therapies, learned how important it was to properly develop a horse’s muscles, and how beneficial massage was to the overall condition of the muscles.

Over the years, we have developed a relationship with Katalin going beyond patient-doctor relationship. We turned to her with confidence during the development of the Wackaro® device, the massaging adapter of the device was made according to her guidelines.

In her first post, she will show you which areas and muscle groups should be massaged for how long and how many times a week.

Suggested duration for the treatment:

-        pectoral muscles (which weigh slightly less than the hind muscles and are not as long-lasting as long back muscles): up to 3-5 minutes,

-        massive hind muscles, neck muscles, long sciatic muscles: up to 5-10 minutes,

-        long back muscles: up to 5 minutes (per side).

It is very important that you gradually get your horses used to the treatment, always watching their responses. With proper accustoming, the times suggested above can also be increased.

Always keep in mind that this tool is not a substitute for a veterinarian and is not suitable for solving various health problems on its own!

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