Advice from specialists

Advice from specialists

Visible physiological effects of the application of the WACKARO® electromechanical massage device Dr. Zsolt Szeghő DVM

When using WACKARO®, the effect of the rotating head on the device and the hand holding the device on the skin was examined using a NEC Thermo Tracer 7700 thermal imager. During the test, the handler used the device on the horse's neck, back and tail for 60 seconds in a manner and with a force according to the functional description. Using the thermal camera, we examined the effect of the device on the surface temperature of the skin and observed the facial expression of the animal during and after use of the device.

Almost immediately after the start, the skin temperature rose by 0.5-1.5 °C, the local temperature rise accurately reflecting the multiple spiral movements of the rotating head in contact with the skin. After one minute of use, the temperature rise of the skin surface in the affected areas reached 2.5 to 3 °C, and after two minutes of use it reached 3 to 3.5 °C. After finishing, the skin temperature decreased continuously, reaching the initial temperature 2 or 3 minutes after application, respectively.

The facial expression of the animal changed significantly a few seconds after the start of the application. The horses in constant contact with their environment, paying attention to the stimuli of the outside world and characterised by vivid facial expressions, “let loose”,  closed their eyes, relaxed their ears and lips, and their facial expressions suggesting stress completely disappeared. This state gradually changed back to the pre-application state several minutes after completing the  application.

The pulsating mechanical effect on the skin and deeper layers during use causes periodic compression and relaxation of the skin, the subcutaneous connective tissue, the superficial bandages, skin muscles and deeper muscles, causing local plethora in these areas. Mechanical stimulation also affects other parts of the body by stimulating the sensory nerve endings on the skin. The human touch and the touch of the device also affect the central nervous system (cerebral cortex, limbic system, hypothalamus) through the pulsating, pleasant and continuous stimulation of the skin, and reduce the stress caused by environmental factors with the aid of the hormonal system.

The clear increase in skin surface temperature confirmed by thermal imaging and the significant change in facial expressions confirm that the WACKARO® electromechanical massage device has a clear positive effect in reducing the stress on caused by the environment in horses.


Wackaro-induced temperature rise on the skin surface during application

Thermal image 1 minute after application for 2 minutes

Wackaro-induced temperature rise during application

Thermal image 30 seconds after application for 1 minute

Thermal image 1 minute after application for 1 minute

Dr. Zsolt Szeghő
Equine Medicine Specialist of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber Medical Specialist
FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarian

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