Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the improvements, the machine is very quiet but may require some getting used to. Please contact our customer service if you are unsure about your horse accepting the device.

After making an appointment, you have the opportunity to try the device.

Every horse reacts differently. Some accept it immediately, and others need a short time.

First, without turning it on, use it as a manual tool on the horse. Give them a treat or snack to make using WACKARO® a good experience.

Next, please turn it on a little further away from the horse and
carry out the grooming with the traditional tools so the horse can
get used to the device's sound.

Finally, try massaging the horse's
shoulder with the device while it’s on, as this is the area where
most horses love to get massaged.

The adapters are connected to the device with a strong magnet and can easily be switched with a firm motion.

It depends on the level you use the machine on, but usually, it can go
for 5 hours of uninterrupted use without recharging. Even if you
don't use the device, charge it at least once a month for longer
battery life.

The box contains one device, three adapters, two wrist straps and one
storage bag.

You get a warranty for two years.

Please get in touch with our customer service so we can help you with your problem as soon as possible.

WACKARO® was developed with the help of renowned veterinarians.

The massage adapter is designed to closely resemble the human hands so it cannot cause damage or pain.

However, avoid massaging the bony parts, including the spine!

WACKARO® boosts blood circulation, helps to warm up the muscles, relieves pain
in strained muscles, releases the fascial network, and mentally
prepares your horse for work due to its relaxational effect, not to
mention that the shared experience strengthens your relationship. We
recommend using the device daily

Please watch the tutorial videos, or read this guide.

You can clean the adapters under running water. Use a damp cloth or
sponge to wipe the housing.

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You can order or pre-order Wackaro® in three different colours now.

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