Wackaro® Gold
Wackaro® Gold

Wackaro® Gold

Electric horse massage & care device
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We have created a uniquely special, ergonomichandle-free, palm-fitting shape that also resembles a horse's hoof. Thank to the design, the WACKARO® device fits perfectly in adults’ and children’s hand. The satin black finish gives elegance and class to this product.


The ergonomically designed, handle-free, palm-fitting and stable housing contains a multi-directional and multi-speed motor with modern controls. It guarantees up to 3-5 hours of operation thanks to a strong battery. The device can be used in three levels (unidirectional movement in two levels, alternating direction in one level). Thanks to the improvements, it is quiet but it definitely requires some accustoming.



Improves the flexibilityblood circulationmuscle healthquality of joints and vertebrae and consequently the quality of work by massaging the horse’s neckshouldersback and thigh muscles.


Makes daily horse care significantly easier. With little physical effort, cleaning tasks can be performed easily and efficiently even when the horse's whole body is covered with hardened mud or during hair change and shedding.

Don't take our word for it


Joker is usually visibly exhausted on the second day of races which reflects on his jumps as well. However, after getting a 10-minute massage in the afternoon, we won in our category the next day. We love it!”


„We’ve been using the WACKARO® device for a month to relax the back muscles of Szundi.
The chiropractor couldn’t believe his eyes! He advised us to keep using the device on a daily basis.”


„All of the horses we used the device on loved it! We are very satisfied.”